adidas Swift Run X FY2116


Adidas Swift Run XM FY2116 shoesProperties:The adidas Swift Run X from the adidas Orginals collection is a bestseller model of sneakers, modeled on the first models of running shoes.It is light and airy, perfect for various types of sports training or exercises in the gym, but it also works great as comfortable everyday footwear.The upper is made of ventilating, woven fabric for a perfect fit and great air flow.Their extremely low weight will make us feel at ease even with a more active lifestyle or increased physical exertion.The tongue is sewn into the upper, so it does not chafe and fits perfectly to the foot like a sock.The inner liner uses the Ortholite® system, which wicks away moisture and has a bactericidal effect, while eliminating unpleasant odors.Another important element of the phenomenal design of sneakers is the elastic sole made of EVA foam, which absorbs shocks and guarantees long-lasting softness and comfort, while the outer tread of the sole keeps the shoe perfectly on the ground and prevents slipping.

Brand: adidas performance

Διαθέσιμα νούμερα: 45 1/3


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