DC Stag M 320188XKKK shoes


Properties: DC Shoe Co USA (Droors Clothing Shoe Company United States of America) – a company that produces clothing, footwear and accessories for skaters, snowboarders and racing drivers such as Ken Block or Dave Mirra. It comes from the United States. The DC Stag men's shoes are a model designed for skateboarding. They have a solid vulcanized rubber sole. The upper is made of a combination of leather and synthetic. They have vents for better air circulation. The padded area around the ankle provides greater comfort during use. The heel and toe have also been reinforced. The shoes are very comfortable and durable. Black colour.

Brand: Inny

Διαθέσιμα νούμερα: 40 1/2, 42, 43, 44 1/2, 46

Κατάστημα: Mybrand.shoes

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