Kappa Deft 242684-1110


Kappa Deft 242684-1110 Features: Ultralight women's sports shoes in a nice, slim cut. An ideal choice for a gym, fitness or various types of classes like zumba, but this does not exclude the possibility of dressing them every day when we want to feel comfortable and look relaxed. Kappa is a manufacturer of high quality sports clothing and footwear at affordable prices, and this is the model presented above Kappa Deft. The upper is made of specially woven fabric with a very durable structure, at the same time breathable, to increase the ventilation process. The number of seams is kept to a minimum so that the footwear does not rub. The tongue has been integrated with the upper and connected to the sole with elastic rubber, which guarantees a perfect fit. The slightly spongy collar softly supports the ankle, and the raised element above the heel makes it easier to put on. The inner liner is made of Eva foam, which absorbs shocks and provides a soft surface. It can also be mentioned for orthopedic purposes. The sole is a light material that does not burden the weight, and is also elastic and flexible.
Κατηγορία: Γυναικεία
Brand: Kappa
Διαθέσιμα νούμερα: 37,42,43,44,46,45
Κατάστημα: Mybrand.shoes

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