Levi’s Silverwood S 232335-700-59


Levi's Silverwood SW 232335-700-59 shoesProperties:Massive sneakers with a thick sole are a characteristic of the Levi's Silverwood model.These women's leather sneakers are a proposition for every season, and at the same time a guarantee of durability and use for more than one season.High-quality workmanship and the use of the highest-quality grain leather make the upper fit perfectly, protect against rain and are easy to clean and care for, which will keep it in great condition for a long time.Perforations in the front part transport excess heat to the outside to prevent the foot from sweating.The inner collar is also covered with leather, so Levi's shoes do not chafe the heels and are comfortable.Another element that characterizes the model is the textile inner liner, which helps to maintain proper hygiene. A 4-centimeter rubber sole visible in white adds height, and also perfectly insulates from the ground and prevents slipping.

Brand: Levi’s

Διαθέσιμα νούμερα: 39, 40

Κατάστημα: Mybrand.shoes

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