Skechers Global Jogger 237200-BKW


Skechers Global Jogger is the highest quality men's sneakers. The upper combines elements of fabric, suede and synthetic leather to create a modern silhouette that not only looks great, but also guarantees breathability and durability. The model is classically laced for the best fit of the shoe width to the foot. The sporty design is complemented by a comfortable interior, namely a well-ventilated lining and an air-cooled Air-Cooled Memory Foam inner lining. Another advantage of the Skechers men's shoes is the shock-absorbing midsole, which is an excellent insulating element, increasing safety and comfort. What distinguishes the model from other men's sports shoes is the outer sole made in the technology developed by the Goodyear tire company. The Goodyear sole eliminates the risk of skidding, ensuring grip even on wet surfaces or on demanding terrain. It also improves the stability of the footwear and increases its durability, because the rubber from which it is made is extremely durable and resistant to abrasion and damage, as is the case with Goodyear tires.

Brand: Skechers

Διαθέσιμα νούμερα: 41, 42 1/2, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47 1/2, 48 1/2


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